In Norway, found a mysterious object with ancient runes

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists working at the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage conducted excavations in the historical region of Oslo some time ago. They found a mysterious wooden object covered with ancient runes.

This is the third truly valuable artifact that was found in a month and a half of archaeological excavations in this area. It is worth noting that earlier in the same place, experts found a figurine of a falcon, which has been preserved in excellent condition until the present day.

Another find made of wood. There are eight runic symbols on the surface of the item, which were carved rather roughly. Archaeologists believe that this product was made around the 13th century.

The length of the find reaches 11.4 centimeters. In the middle part, it is narrower and roughly processed, while it has wide ends. Ancient symbols are located only on one side. They were applied after the artifact was completely made. Archaeologists note that these runes have not been read for eight centuries.

In order to be able to decipher the ancient symbols, archaeologists invited a specialist Christel Zilmer. He works at the University of Oslo and is well versed in runes. He managed to establish that one of the carved symbols means the name Asbjorn.

This name is considered very common in Scandinavia. Often it was used in the Middle Ages by the Vikings. The second character meant “owns me.”

The professor added that in many cases, medieval inscriptions contain the names of those who own the artifacts. The texts can contain not only personal names, but also with the prefix “owner”. In some situations, it even talks about what exactly this or that person owns.


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