In North America, the remains of a pregnant ichthyosaur

(ORDO NEWS) — In Northern Nevada, 240 km from the city of Reno, researchers discovered the remains of an ichthyosaurus. The remains of an ichthyosaurus skeleton were found on the slope of Mount Augustus, at an altitude of almost 2000 meters.

According to paleontologists, they found the spine of an ichthyosaur with a characteristic bend, according to which it can be understood that the remains belonged to a female animal, which at the time of its death was in an interesting position.

Researchers emphasized that this is the first such discovery in the world. Moreover, it turned out that this animal does not belong to any of the species of ichthyosaurs.

Therefore, they found out that this is another species of ichthyosaur. It is noted that the remains of the skeleton have already been carefully studied in the laboratory and found that the animal lived on the planet about 246 million years ago. It may refer to one of the oldest species of ichthyosaurs on the planet.

Previously, scientists once already found the most ancient remains of this animal. The find was discovered on the territory of modern China. According to studies, the age of the remains reached 249 million years.

Recall that earlier a group of paleontologists discovered the almost completely surviving shell of an ancient giant tortoise. It was discovered in Venezuela. Scientists said that the shell was gigantic, and the ancient turtles could be very large predators that hunted alligators.


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