In Nigeria, mysterious disease kills 15 people in two weeks

(ORDO NEWS) — A disaster struck the communities of Ute-Okpu and Idumea in the northeastern Ica region of Delta State (Nigeria): people began to die from an unknown disease, young people (18-25 years old). Over the past two weeks, 15 people have died.

Authorities have already begun an investigation and have assured residents that the pathogen will be identified. Every death will be examined. With a high degree of probability, the events will end successfully.

While the virus remains a mystery, authorities are asking people to follow good hygiene practices during the dry season, which is coming soon. It is important to process food efficiently, cut the grass near your homes so that dangerous insects do not hide in it, and poison rats. The authorities, meanwhile, are converting the medical center at Ute-Okpu into a full-fledged hospital.

It is difficult to tell when the attack will disappear. According to Dr. Ikwagu, there are suspicions of viral hemorrhagic fever or substance abuse. The samples collected by the department in the community will reveal the truth after testing.

People are frightened by the fact that at the moment it is not known where people could have picked up the disease and what to do if symptoms appear. Effective means of treatment can be prescribed only after a series of studies of the disease itself, and for this it must at least be clarified. Residents feed on hopes that the authorities will be able to help them in the near future. The necessary measures have already been taken.


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