In New York, under the bridge captured “alien”

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring shared a terrible find with Web users. Using the Google Earth service to observe the streets of New York, he “looked” under the bridge, where, in the depths of darkness, he discovered a strange creature.

In support of his words, the ufologist gives a link to this place: 42 ° 26 ’35 .27 “N 76 ° 30 ‘48.70” W.

Waring says that the humanoid’s face is located under the bridge at the very end, so it’s almost impossible to see it at full height. This sinister face, says Waring, is looking directly at you.

At first, the researcher decided that it was graffiti, but next to him he did not see the wall, and it looks very realistic. Everything looks like a creature is standing in a certain cavity, or it is “hanging” in the air.

Waring is sure that this is a real alien who watches the inhabitants of New York, but this is simply no one knows.


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