In New York, they want to ban fast delivery – couriers are in a hurry and knock people down

(ORDO NEWS) — The Council of New York plans to ban “15 Minute Delivery” ads. Because of it, the number of accidents on the roads is growing in the city.

The new bill will be presented to the New York City Council within “several weeks”. Its author believes that if couriers do not have a strict time frame, they will more carefully follow the rules of the road.

What is known

  • The idea belongs to city council member Christopher Martha.
  • According to him, this document is part of a package of bills that will prescribe the rules for regulating food delivery services.
  • Marte says he’s pushing for rules that will give more benefits and protection to delivery workers, but didn’t share more details.
  • The proposal provides for a ban on services from specifying delivery times of 15 minutes.
  • While this delivery time is convenient for users, it forces bike and scooter couriers to rush to meet deadlines.
  • Therefore, they break traffic rules and get into accidents, says Marte.

According to Engadget, the bill could affect Gorillas, Fridge No More and Jokr, which position themselves as fast food delivery services, as well as DoorDash, which is launching an equally fast service in Manhattan.

Such a proposal arose not without reason. According to media reports, there is now a slight increase in e-bike accidents in New York City.

At least 20 people have died in e-bike-related collisions in 2020. The new law does not guarantee the safety of delivery workers, but it could reduce the chances that they will risk their health to arrive on time.


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