In New York, children began to die from a mysterious syndrome

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Coronavirus has recently begun to spread very rapidly among children. This happens in all countries of the world. As it was found out, this virus is dangerous not only for the adult population, but also for children. In New York, three children died due to a mysterious syndrome, the development of which was provoked by a coronavirus.

Over the past day, three children have died. This was stated by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. In addition, another 73 children fell ill with a strange disease that has symptoms reminiscent of Kasaki.

This disease becomes the cause of the development of the inflammatory process in the vessels throughout the body. The governor added that most sick children do not have any signs of a respiratory nature that could indicate coronavirus, but the tests for the virus are all positive.

Previously, experts were convinced that coronavirus would not cause the death of young people. But, it seems, age does not play any role for the virus. Therefore, now parents should be especially careful and pay attention to the condition of the children.

Symptoms such as discoloration of the skin, a strong heartbeat in the child, fever and pain in the chest and abdomen should be especially alarming.


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