In New Jersey, after the rain, hundreds of worms began to spiral

(ORDO NEWS) — After rainy weather, worms often appear on the surface. They try to crawl on the ground or on the sidewalk. In the city, which is located near New York, after the rain, a certain oddity was noticed. The woman saw that the worms that appeared on the surface began to move as if in a spiral.

It happened as described in the state of New Jersey, a local resident went out for a walk in the morning, while walking in the park, she saw that hundreds of worms were moving along the path.

The girl decided to photograph this picture, since she had never seen anything like it and wanted to share what she saw. Soon, the worms changed the tactics of the movement.

The worms only began to wriggle, leaving the spiral. There was no labor or other mechanisms near the place that would resemble a whirlpool.

Later, the girl made a comment in which she stated that while watching the worms, she noticed that a pair of worms seemed to have united into a single spiral.

The photo she managed to take was sent to Tiffany Fischer. Tiffany is a member of the City Council. The official herself said that over the years of her life in the state, she had not seen such an anomaly.


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