In March, an asteroid with a diameter of two kilometers will approach the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers reported that on March 21, a massive space body with a diameter of two kilometers will fly over the globe. The asteroid has been known for twenty years, it is the largest of all.

The object was codenamed (231937) 2001 FO32. The Center for the Study of Near-Earth Objects noted that about a hundred asteroids of various sizes should fly past the planet during the current year.

Astronomers have data on 25 thousand bodies that approached the Earth. Only 3.5% were larger than 1 km. The asteroid flying towards us belongs to the rare class of Apollo. The speed is 34.4 km / s or 124 thousand km / h.

The body was first spotted on March 23, 2001. It makes a complete revolution around the star in 810 days. The distance between the asteroid and the Earth will be the smallest since the 1900s. It will be two million kilometers. There is no threat.

Note that (231937) 2001 FO32 moves from the inside of Mercury’s orbit to the asteroid belt and back. At this time, our planet is often on the other side of the Sun.


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