In March, an asteroid will fly near the Earth at a record close distance

(ORDO NEWS) — On March 16, another asteroid will fly past the Earth at a very small distance. It is worth noting that in 2021, 24 asteroids have already flown by, 4 from which approached the Earth only in March.

NASA specialists made a statement that the asteroid, which was discovered quite recently, will fly past our planet at a distance of 167.5 thousand miles. This object was named 2021 EQ3 and was recorded by its experts on March 10. The width of the asteroid reaches almost 38 meters.

Scientists added that there is no cause for panic. The asteroid will calmly fly past our planet and then leave the solar system. In order to determine the object’s orbit, special programs were used. They made it possible to obtain a diagram of the movement of an asteroid and assess how dangerous it can be for the Earth.

Despite the fact that the distance between the Earth and the asteroid will be even less than to the Moon, there is nothing to worry about. The object has a completely different direction of flight, so it does not pose even a minimal threat to our planet. At the moment, observations are being made over the cosmic body, so that in the event of any changes, they can be recorded in time.


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