In London park, a woman was attacked by hundreds of rats

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Park Blond, which is located in the west of London, an unpleasant event happened. Susan Treftub, who recently turned 43, was horribly attacked by a huge number of rats. There were more than a hundred animals and they were extremely aggressive.

Reported by The Sun.

This incident happened on July 19 in the evening. The rats attacked the woman and began to actively bite her not only by the legs, but also by the arms. Susan later said that she had never seen such a huge number of animals at the same time, especially rats. It was extremely disgusting.

A resident of London tried to shake off the aggressive rodents and then started to run. She cannot say with complete certainty how many rats were there, but she believes that there are definitely more than a hundred. It is worth noting that Susan had previously visited Blond Park several times at the same time and never even noticed the signs of rats in it.

The authorities expressed their sympathy for the victim and began to urge local residents not to throw garbage in the park so that the number of rodents would not increase over time.


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