In Kosovo, a man swallowed an old Nokia model and survived

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the residents of the city of Pristina (Kosovo) some time ago, for some unknown reason, swallowed an old Nokia 3310 mobile phone. As a result of the incident, he managed to survive, but it could have completely ended in death. This is reported by Metro.

A push-button mobile phone ended up in the stomach of a man who recently turned 33. He stayed there for a long time and it is just a miracle that he did not do any harm in four days.

The man was in danger due to the fact that damage could occur to the battery, which contains a corrosive acid. It was she who could cause death. The victim, on the other hand, felt severe pain in the stomach area and immediately sought medical help.

Skender Telyaku, who led the medical team, posted on Facebook on his personal page not only X-rays of this patient, but also a photo of the phone, which he managed to extract from his stomach without any problems.

It is worth noting that the doctors removed the gadget without using abdominal surgery. They used an endoscope during the procedure and divided the device into three parts. As a result of the manipulations, there were no complications and today the man feels great.

The circumstances of the incident and the reasons for what happened are still a mystery, and the victim himself does not tell why it was necessary to swallow a push-button telephone.


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