In Karelia, jewelry made of human bones was found in an ancient burial ground. How old are they?

(ORDO NEWS) — Man has always strived for beauty. But sometimes he tried too hard. So, among the graves, scientists find decorations not only from animal bones.

A group of scientists discovered a burial ground in the region of the South Oleny Island of Karelia

In it, among other things, they found jewelry made of human bones, which were located along with other artifacts.

Finding a burial like this is rare. But human – in the literal sense – jewelry falls into the hands of researchers even less often.

Usually spearheads, hunting harpoons and stone knives are found in burial grounds, and sometimes various pendants are found.

Traditionally, such decorations were made from the bones and teeth of large and predatory animals, which, in turn, indicated the hunting skill of the owner.

In Karelia jewelry made of human bones was found in an ancient burial ground How old are they 2

Scary beautiful

In total, paleozoologists discovered 37 pendants. Of these, only 12 were made directly from human material.

One of the conclusions is that there are no formal changes between the decorations of animal and human origin, judging by their method of processing and form.

This is the first such discovery for the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKarelia.

Scientists were unable to establish who the bones belonged to – the enemies of the deceased or his relatives. If relatives – it meant special gratitude to the deceased.

Burials on South Deer Island date back 8200 years ago.


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