In June 2021, a “ring of fire” awaits the inhabitants of the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — The Sun, Earth and its satellite always give mankind the most beautiful and unusual eclipses. So, for example, on June 10, everyone can observe an annular solar eclipse. This phenomenon is also called “ring of fire”.

Reported by Accu Weather.

A “ring of fire” is an eclipse in which the Moon, Earth and the Sun line up in one line at different distances. It looks like this: the Moon moves away from the Earth as much as possible and approaches the Sun. We see in the sky a black ball with a fiery rim. This is because the satellite cannot cover the star.

In a solar eclipse, the Earth’s satellite completely covers the Sun. Then darkness falls in the middle of the day. In ancient times, such eclipses were considered a harbinger of the Apocalypse.

Most of the population of Europe will be able to see the annular solar eclipse, it can be observed at about noon. Also, residents of northern Canada, the Russian Far East and northwestern Greenland will be able to observe it. All you need is eye protection. Looking directly at the sun can injure your eyesight.

Inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere will see rare silvery clouds in the sky. They will hover 80 km above the ground. They are formed from meteorite dust and water droplets.


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