In Japan, the mayor ruined the gold medal of the Olympic champion with his teeth

(ORDO NEWS) — It is worth noting that this is far from the first strange curiosity that happened directly to the mayor when he talked with the winner of this year’s Olympics.

This event happened in the city of Nagoya. Takashi Kawamura, during the time he spoke with Miu Goto, who won the gold medal, got into an unpleasant situation three times.

This is reported by Kyodo News.

At first he took a gold medal in his teeth, but he bit it very hard and thus damaged the product. Now the athlete will be waiting for a new award to be made to her without any trace.

Then the mayor’s office received over 7,000 complaints that during the conversation the mayor took off his mask. By doing this, he violated the quarantine restrictions that were introduced in the city.

A lot of criticism towards the mayor of Kawamura rained down for asking the athlete if she had the right to have a romantic relationship.

This fact was recorded by several athletes at once. After this very unpleasant incident occurred, the organizers of the Olympics tweeted a joke post that in this way the mayor wanted to confirm that medals should not be eaten in Tokyo.


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