In Japan, the main railway was completely transferred to work from renewable energy sources

(ORDO NEWS) — Tokyu Railways trains passing through Shibuya and other stations have been switched to energy generated only by solar and other renewable sources since April 1.

This means that Tokyu’s sprawling network of seven rail lines and one tram is now carbon neutral, with green energy being used at all of its stations, including for drink vending machines, security camera screens and lighting.

Tokyu, which employs 3,855 people and connects Tokyo to neighboring Yokohama, is the first rail operator in Japan to achieve this goal. It says the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions is equivalent to the average annual emissions of 56,000 Japanese households.

Nicholas Little, Director of Railroad Education at Michigan State University’s Center for Railroad Research and Education, commends Tokyu for promoting renewable energy, but emphasizes the importance of increasing the final supply of that renewable energy.

“I would emphasize that the increase in electricity production from renewable sources has a bigger impact,” he said.

“The main challenge is to increase the production of renewable electricity and provide the transmission infrastructure to deliver it to the places of consumption.”


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