In Japan created glasses for the treatment of myopia

(ORDO NEWS) — Kubota Glass, supposedly revolutionary eyeglasses that can treat people with myopia, or myopia, recently went on sale in Japan for a whopping $5,700.

Myopia is an eye disorder in which light is focused in front of the retina instead of on it, causing objects at a distance to appear blurry while objects up close appear normal.

In addition to genetic factors, nearsightedness is associated with environmental causes such as lack of exposure to normal visual stimuli that are commonly found outdoors in daylight conditions.

As many of us spend more and more time indoors in front of televisions, monitors, and computer screens, it’s no surprise that the incidence of nearsightedness is growing at an alarming rate.

Until now, prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses have been the only non-invasive way to treat myopia symptoms.

“Using multifocal contact lens technology, this product passively stimulates the entire peripheral retina with light myopically defocused by the non-central force of the contact lens,” the company said in a 2021 press release.

“Kubota Glasses technology uses nanotechnology in its electronic glasses and aims to reduce the progression of myopia by actively stimulating the retina for shorter periods of time while maintaining high quality central vision and without affecting daily activities.”

But last year, Japanese startup Kubota Pharmaceutical announced that it had invented a special type of glasses that could reverse the effects of myopia on the eyes, essentially curing the condition.

The Kubota Glass is supposedly equipped with micro-LEDs that project images by actively stimulating the retina. A day is enough from 60 to 90 minutes to correct the effects of myopia.

SoraNews24 recently announced that the first pair of myopia eyeglasses became available in Japan’s Hyogo and Kanagawa prefectures. Only 20 pairs are available for purchase between August 1 and September 15, priced at 770,000 yen ($5,700) each.

This is just a trial run to assess future demand. The price of Kubota glasses is expected to come down as demand rises, but we will probably still have to pay quite a bit of money to treat myopia without surgery.

Nothing is yet known about the production of Kubota Glass on a global scale, as the manufacturer has so far announced its intention to focus on the domestic market, and then on the Asian region, where there are a huge number of myopic people.


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