In Iran, found a stone with a mysterious ancient symbol

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of archaeologists in Iran, while conducting survey work near the city of Davan in the province of Fars, accidentally found a stone with a mysterious petroglyph. According to preliminary analysis, this symbol was left in the Bronze Age.

An unusual artifact was located in the Kazerun area. This is a carefully crafted stone. On its surface, scientists noticed numerous motifs, as well as geometric shapes and drawings.

Preliminary studies of the find showed that it was left in the Bronze Age. The stone carving was done approximately 3500-5000 years ago. This statement was made by Mohsen Abbaspour, who is a specialist in cultural heritage.

The discovery made by the experts made it possible to obtain another very valuable evidence in addition to those studies of a paleontological nature that were carried out somewhat earlier in this region.

The Kazerun region has recently become more and more attractive among researchers, because it is possible to discover many different and very interesting artifacts.

Specialists even began to think about creating a separate research base in this area. Some scientists believe that the petroglyph they found may actually be part of a larger object, and not a single find.

The length of the stone reaches 1.5 meters, the width is 1.2 meters in its widest part. The height is about 70 centimeters. It is worth noting that most of the images are located on one, front side.

Given the condition of the stone, we can say that for a very long time it was half hidden in the soil. This caused the stone to be partially damaged by erosion.

Some of the patterns are almost indistinguishable. Experts are going to use some modern methods in order to restore those patterns that have been erased over many millennia.

The drawings located in the upper part are much better preserved. There you can see two animals whose heads are turned to the right.

One animal has very large horns that slope towards the back in a crescent shape. Experts believe that in this way the ancient people tried to draw a mountain goat.

The second animal resembles a wild horse. In this regard, it has been suggested that the petroglyph may be directly related to the story of how horses were tamed. It is worth noting that in the petroglyph there is a symbol unknown to scientists, which has yet to be deciphered.


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