In Iran, a 10-year-old boy has a sewing needle pulled out of his urethra

(ORDO NEWS) — A 10-year-old boy was removed from the urethra with a long sewing needle, which was stuck there. The child’s name is not disclosed. He was taken to a local hospital after he shoved a 9 cm needle into his penis and tried to get it out of there on his own for three hours.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

Doctors from Iran said that the needle was inserted forward with a blunt end. There may be several reasons for this action. It could be ordinary curiosity, getting short-term pleasure, or some kind of mental disorder that arose on a short-term basis, because in fact, the guy’s mental problems were not found.

It was found on the X-ray that the foreign object had taken a specific position, so it would not have been possible to get it on its own. The boy was injected with anesthetic into the area and began to gently push the needle from the blunt side until the sharp side pierced the skin. The doctors worried that this method could negatively affect his genitals, but after six months the child was able to urinate normally on his own. This indicates that the procedure for removing the foreign object was carried out successfully.

The doctors noted that before discharging the child from the hospital, he was sent for a consultation with a psychiatrist in order to rule out the presence of mental disorders or child abuse that could provoke such actions.


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