In India, Covid-19 prisoners do not want to be released

(ORDO NEWS) — Previously, this had never happened in world practice, but for the first time, prisoners refused parole. They even wrote letters to the authorities asking them to serve their sentences in full. It happened in nine prisons in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Only 21 prisoners refused to be released on parole.

It is reported by India Today.

The reason for the refusal to go free was the coronavirus pandemic. Also, the prisoners are satisfied with the conditions of detention: they have a roof over their heads, food and clothing. In addition, medical examinations are carried out in prisons. On the street, criminals will have to fight for their lives again, which means that many will start breaking the law again to feed themselves.

More than 2,200 prisoners were released on parole. Another 9,200 people were released on bail. The administrations of the prisons allowed everyone who wanted to stay “to serve their term.” The authorities commented on this as follows – any opinion expressed in official written form must be respected.

In total, more than 11,000 prisoners were released in Uttar Pradesh in 2020. This decision was made by the court due to Covid-19. However, the request to stay in prison is the first unprecedented case.


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