In India, a woman decided to marry herself

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the residents of the small town of Vadodara (India) decided to marry herself. Kshama Bindu, a 24-year-old girl, has already decided where exactly and on what day she wants to hold the ceremony.

She said that she wants to observe absolutely all the rituals. Saatfera accepted in Hinduism will not be an exception.

This tradition means that the bride, together with her fiance, goes around the sacred fire seven times and at the same time certain vows are pronounced. It is worth noting that the bride has already written five vows that she is going to make to herself.

This is the first time in the state of Gujarat that self-marriage takes place. In other words, this phenomenon is also called sologamy.

Bindu said that in this way she will demonstrate to everyone how much she loves herself. The girl noted that she never had a desire to get married, but she wanted to be a bride at the same time. That is why it was decided to hold a marriage ceremony with yourself.

Kshama Bindu shared that she had read on the Internet about such a phenomenon as sologamy. She analyzed a lot of information, but did not find anything that such a thing happened in India.

The woman assumes that she can become the first in her country to show love for herself to the whole world in this way.

Bindu spoke of the upcoming wedding as an act of self-acceptance. She believes that such an action imposes some responsibilities.

A person must love himself no matter what and be faithful. People tend to marry only those they truly love. Bindu loves herself and therefore plans to arrange a luxurious wedding.

Another meaning of this act will be a demonstration to the whole world that women are actually very important.

The parents of a resident of India fully agree with the decision of their daughter. After the wedding is over, Bindu is going to recover, like all newlyweds, on a honeymoon. She will be vacationing in Goa for two weeks.


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