In India, a strange object fell from the sky: photos and videos appeared on the web

(ORDO NEWS) — In the city of Sanchore, which is located in Rajan on Friday, an incomprehensible object fell from the sky, which resembles a meteorite. As a result of the fall of the object, a crater formed. Its depth was half a meter. At the same time, a sound was heard at a distance of almost two kilometers, which resembled a powerful explosion. At the moment, a strange object was seized by the police.

Local residents say that the explosion was heard just at the moment when the object fell from the sky. The incident caused panic in the region.

It is worth noting that a few hours after the fall, the object continued to emit a well-felt heat. Some even checked if it would explode. As a result of this, the local authorities recommended that everyone curious stay away from the strange find as far as possible. The object was seized only after it had completely cooled down. The police said that he would be handed over to specialists for further investigation.

“In the morning we heard an incredibly loud sound. It seemed that somewhere in the vicinity the plane crashed, but in fact it was an incomprehensible object resembling a meteorite that fell from the sky. Soon he was found in a pit, the depth of which was a little more than 30 centimeters. The object fell almost near my house and we immediately reported what happened to the local authorities, ”says one of the local residents, Ajmal Devasi.

“After the information about the strange fallen object was received, the department’s employees were immediately sent to the scene. The weight of this object reaches about three kilograms and at the time of the arrival of specialists, it was still hot. At the moment, we are conducting an investigation, ”says one of the inspectors of the information bureau of the Jalorsky district Mangal Singh.


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