In India, 700 people fell ill with an unknown disease in a month and a half

(ORDO NEWS) — In different parts of India, literally over the past month and a half, more than 700 people fell ill. Scientists cannot determine what this pathology is, because they have not previously encountered anything similar.

Sources say that people live normal lives, and then suddenly begin to faint, fall to the ground and beat in terrible convulsions. For a month and a half, several deaths have already been recorded.

In the last couple of days alone, this has happened with 29 people, of whom one died, and all the rest were immediately taken to the Primary Health Care Center, which is located on the territory of Denduluru. Some of the patients were sent to other hospitals, depending on their place of residence.

The WHO, as well as officials, collected a huge number of samples of not only blood, but also water and local food in order to establish the causes of the unknown disease. At the moment, the results are still unknown and officials said that experts will talk about them a little later.


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