In Greece, opened a necropolis and found the weapon of the Mycenaean civilization

(ORDO NEWS) — Greek archaeologists during excavations in the ancient settlement of Ripes unearthed a necropolis more than 3000 years old.

In one of the tombs they found an instrument of the Mycenaean civilization – rare bronze swords.

The tomb of the 11th-12th centuries BC was excavated on the Trapeza Plateau in the Peloponnese. In ancient times, the city of Ripes was located there.

It was one of the cities of the advanced Mycenaean civilization that flourished at the end of the Bronze Age in Ancient Greece.

The period of its greatest prosperity and power fell on 1750-1050 BC. In the tomb, which is more than 3,000 years old, archaeologists have found many artifacts.

Special attention of researchers was attracted by three bronze swords, which are quite well preserved. Interestingly, they are products of different types.

For example, one of the found swords has a handle in the form of a cross, and the other has a T-shaped handle. By the way, the handles of all three swords were wooden.

Archaeologists believe that the swords were left in the tomb as a ritual sacrifice. Other offerings were also found here, including amphoras, glass beads, and a clay figurine of a horse.

A large regular rectangular building with a hearth in the center was also excavated near the necropolis.

The researchers also report that the tombs found in the Mycenaean necropolis were mainly burial chambers carved into the rocks with corridors.

In these burials, objects were found that testify to the existence of complex ritual practices up to the end of the 10th century BC.

So, during the excavations, numerous vases, necklaces, golden wreaths, stones with texts engraved on them, beads and unidentified pieces of glass, faience, gold and rock crystal were found.


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