In Great Britain, the head of an Egyptian mummy was found in the attic

(ORDO NEWS) — A few days ago, something interesting happened in the county of Kent in Great Britain. A man found a 2000-year-old head in the attic of his dead brother’s house.

The find surprised him and therefore he immediately decided to hand it over to specialists at Canterbury Museums and Galleries.

Experts immediately conducted an analysis and established that the age of the head reaches at least two thousand years.

It was brought as a souvenir to Great Britain from Egypt back in the 19th century. For some time, the mummy’s head was in the attic under a glass cover.

Staff at the Universities of Canterbury and Oxford have begun to reconstruct the history of the mummy and are also working to reconstruct the person’s appearance.

Experts said that with the help of X-ray images, it was possible to establish that the head belonged to a woman who died at a fairly mature age. Then scientists used computer tomography to obtain additional information.

The study showed that the woman’s brain had been removed. Her teeth are almost completely worn out due to the consumption of rather coarse food. At the same time, the tongue of the deceased was preserved in perfect condition.

The team also managed to find tubes not only in the left nostril, but also in the spinal canal. Their purpose has not yet been established.

“In Victorian times, items such as souvenirs were quite often brought back from Egypt, which could later be passed down as family heirlooms,” notes James Eliot from the University of Canterbury.

In the future, specialists plan to use the data obtained by scanning to create a three-dimensional model of the head and reconstruct the face.


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