In Great Britain, found the cave in which the exiled king lived

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(ORDO NEWS) — The living quarters were set up in a cave called the Anchor Church. Today this place is considered the oldest in the UK. Archaeologists have suggested that it was here that the exiled Anglo-Saxon king used to live.

Reported by The Guardian.

In the 18th century, Anchor Church was exploited by local wealthy and noblemen. The cave was used as a venue for meetings and parties. Today, archaeologists believe that this place is more than 1200 years old and, most likely, Eardwulf lived for some time. He was dethroned from the throne of Northumbria in 806. The exiled king died in 830.

The Kingdom of Northumbria used to be part of the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy. It was located in the northern part of England. In 867, the kingdom was captured by the Vikings and after that it ceased to exist.

Edmund Simons is exploring the Anchor Church cave. He noted that it is quite difficult to explore the caves and establish their age. In turn, Simons argues that the cave could not have formed naturally, because it has windows, doors and pillars. Everything that is present in the cave indicates that the Saxons worked here. The specialist also noted that it is houses of this type that may actually be the only buildings that have survived from the time of the Saxons.


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