In Germany, birds are massively killed: is there a threat to people?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — For several weeks now, blue titmouth blue tit perishes in Germany. Thousands of sick or dead birds are found in gardens or near feeders. It was not immediately possible to find out the cause of the death of the birds. It turned out that the tits are suffering from pneumonia, the fight against which in most cases costs them their lives.

A dangerous pathogen is the bacterium Suttonella ornithocola, which causes respiratory tract disease in birds, in some cases stomach disease, and then, in most cases, death. Among the symptoms that the blue tit suffers are glued eyes, beak and feathers. Ornithologists suggest that infection can occur by air.

The bacterium Suttonella ornithocola was discovered in 1996 in England and Wales, and to date, the probability of its transmission to people or other animals has not been fully investigated. Authorities recommend that citizens use disposable gloves when in contact with sick or dead birds.

Ornithologists also appealed to residents of Germany with a call not to feed tits in places of mass congestion of sick individuals in order to avoid further infection and the spread of the disease. Sick birds can be recognized by their apathetic appearance – most often they simply “sit” on the ground. In addition, it is sometimes noticeable that they have breathing problems. Sick tits refuse to eat, probably due to problems with swallowing.


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