In Germany, a family found Nazi artifacts after a flood

(ORDO NEWS) — Germany suffered from severe floods last month. After one of them, the family discovered a real treasure in the wall of their house, in which Nazi artifacts were present.

Among them were a revolver, a portrait of Hitler, and several gas masks. The treasure was accidentally discovered behind a sheet of drywall, which broke off the wall due to flooding. Reported by The Sun.

The Westfalenpost newspaper, published back in 1945, helped to understand that this cache belonged to the Nazis. An interesting point is that this edition has been working up to the present day. Sebastian Yurtseven said that he was extremely surprised by the find.

The wall was dismantled even more and several brass knuckles were also found, notes left by unknown pregnant women, NSV literature, as well as their party eagle.

Historians believe that all these items were hurriedly thrown between two buildings that stood side by side. The reason for this was that in April 1945 the city began to be controlled by US troops.

All the artifacts that were found were divided into 12 different boxes and sent for a more detailed study.

The owner of the house himself noted that he could not even imagine that behind one of the walls there are objects that once belonged to the Nazis.

If not for the floods, they might not have been known for many years. Ralph Blank, in turn, noted that the find is unique, because it is very rare for specialists to come across original materials that were directly related to the NSV organization.


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