In Florida, a mysterious disease weakens sea turtles

(ORDO NEWS) — First of all, green sea turtles are affected. Everyone, without exception, is taken to the Brevard Zoo, where veterinarians try to treat the animals. So far, it has not been possible to establish a specific virus that would mow down the reptiles. Turtles one after another come out of the ocean, crawling listlessly on land. The specialists noted low glucose levels.

Something weakens the creatures so much that they are unable to swim on their own. Death awaits them in the ocean, so the rescuers bring absolutely everyone to the zoo. There are already more than two dozen turtles in need of help.

The problem has been going on for at least several weeks. Turtles come ashore from Jacksonville to Brevard. The creatures are treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics. Whether this will give a result will become known later.

The treatment center received nine specimens on Tuesday alone. Whether the hospital will be able to cope with the influx of turtles in the future is an open question.


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