In Europe began to build an artificial Sun

(ORDO NEWS) — The European organization EuroFusion has announced the launch of a new project. The five-year phase of the DEMO power plant has begun, which will allow the use of nuclear fusion for commercial purposes.

Nuclear fusion is a reaction that takes place in the Sun and other luminaries. When two atoms collide with each other, a heavier nucleus is formed. This releases a large amount of energy.

Scientists have already begun design work on the demonstration power plant DEMO. It will allow the use of the clean energy of nuclear fusion. It provides limitless energy.

Researchers are now experimenting with ring fusion reactors that use powerful magnets to hold hot plasma. Another name for this apparatus is tokamak.

The project says that DEMO is a tokamak with a capacity of 300 to 500 MW. Support for remote maintenance and management of the use of tritium is also announced. Tritium fusion fuel is a critical component for future commercial fusion operations.


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