In England, the “drawing on the field” has changed overnight

(ORDO NEWS) — Interesting details have come to light about the appearance of crop circles on July 17 near Barbary Castle, North Roughton, Wiltshire.

It turns out that these are not two drawings that appeared in the same area, but one drawing that changed the next morning.

A “crop circle” found in England over the weekend mysteriously transformed into a second drawing the next day.

A unique case occurred Sunday morning when an image of a flattened circle and hexagon was discovered at a site known as Barbury Castle in Wiltshire.

As is often the case, the researchers immediately began to study the drawing and offer their interpretations of what it could mean, some noted that it was similar to the method by which Archimedes calculated the number pi.

However, apparently, the creator of this formation has not yet finished the work, since the drawing has changed dramatically overnight.

When the sun rose on Monday morning, the image took on a completely new look: the hexagon in the center of the circle turned into 12 “blades”, consisting of four triangles in each.


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