In Egypt, found the honorary tomb of the commander of the mercenaries

(ORDO NEWS) — In the archaeological area of ​​Abu Sir, in Egypt, the Czech mission was excavating. They managed to find the once incredibly rich tomb, which belonged to a high-ranking official Vahibre-meri-Neith.

It was he who was the “commander of foreign soldiers.” Information about the discovery made by the archaeological mission of the Czech Institute of Egyptology appeared on the official website of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

According to preliminary analysis, the tomb was built during the late XXVI – early XXVII dynasties. The age of the burial may be more than 2500 years. Dr. Mustafa Vaziri said that the main well of the tomb, which they managed to find, was about 6 meters deep. Its size is 14×14 meters.

The burial well was divided into several parts with the help of lintels, which were cut directly into the rock.

In the center of the main well there was another one, somewhat smaller, but deeper. Scientists have established that the second well acts as a burial shaft.

At the very bottom of the well, at a depth of 16 meters, archaeologists found a double sarcophagus under a layer of sand. It had minor damage.

On the surface of the inner basalt sarcophagus were texts from the “Book of the Dead”, which described how the deceased is resurrected and then begins to travel through the afterlife.

Archaeologists were very disappointed when they opened the inner sarcophagus, because inside there were only two scarab-shaped amulets. In addition, they managed to find 402 shabti – small faience figurines.

One of the discovered vessels was also inscribed with spells from the “Book of the Dead”, designed to protect the deceased. Experts noted that this tomb was fabulously rich, but it was looted. They did this around 4-5 centuries AD.

Wahibre-meri-Neith had a very high social position. Most likely, he was in the close circle of the pharaoh, because he was the commander of foreign soldiers.

His status was so high due to the fact that mercenaries were recruited in ancient Egypt, who obeyed exclusively their commander and no one else.


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