In Egypt, archaeologists have discovered the ruins of the temple of Isis and many other artifacts

(ORDO NEWS) — 350 kilometers from Cairo is the vast Gebel el-Haridi complex, which existed from the Old Kingdom to the beginning of our era.

For many years, excavations have been carried out there, and scientists are constantly making new discoveries.

During the last season of excavations, they managed to discover the ruins of a temple dedicated to the ancient goddess Isis (Isis) – the goddess of femininity and motherhood.

In addition, the researchers found a large number of tombs – only 85, as well as remarkable ancient “death certificates”.

The remains of dwellings were also discovered during the search. Most likely, Egyptian citizens working right there, in the quarries, lived in them.

“Archaeologists have discovered the house of the head of the stone extraction, which was used, among other things, to build a temple from the time of Ramses III,” said the head of the Egyptian Antiquities Authority.

Documents were found there containing a list of the names of workers, and in front of each – the salary due to him is indicated.

As for other documents, they were found in the tombs. Each was marked with the name of the deceased and his occupation.

In addition, parents are mentioned, and messages are written to the gods of the underworld so that they accept the deceased and take care of him.

Remains of dishes with inscriptions and coins from different eras were also found.


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