In Egypt, archaeologists have discovered a tomb with 20 mummies

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists in the Egyptian city of Aswan have discovered a large tomb that was previously unknown. Most of all, attention was drawn to numerous artifacts, among which were excavated plates, ceramic fragments, vessels for offerings to the gods, as well as plates with numerous hieroglyphs.

The incredible discovery was made by Egyptologist Patricia Piacentinivo, who works at the University of Milan. Also participating in the study was Abdelmoneim Said, who is the Director General of the Egyptian Antiquities Service. Near the mausoleum of the Aga Khan III, experts began excavations back in 2019. It is worth noting that in this area there are over 300 tombs that were built around the 6th-4th century BC.

The new tomb was named AGH032. Presumably, it was erected in the Greco-Roman period. Despite the fact that it was plundered a long time ago, almost 20 mummies and a huge number of unique and valuable finds for historians still remained in it.

The tomb itself was in a rectangular building that had once suffered from a severe fire. Inside the burial were bones of various animals, plates, ceramics and much more. All of these artefacts were located near the eastern wall, which indicates the fact that it was used as a votive site.

Votive places were that part of the premises or territory where it was customary to sacrifice animals. Their bones were placed in a special crevice. It is worth paying attention to the fact that there are no human bones in such tombs. In the necropolis of the Aga Khan, experts first discovered such a structure.

Among the finds there were also many mummies, which were located in the burial chambers. Some of the remains belonged to old people, and others to young women and even children of different ages.


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