In Egypt, archaeologists have discovered a temple of a previously unknown queen

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(ORDO NEWS) — On January 17, participants in the Egyptian archaeological mission in Saqqara received information that archaeologists managed to find the temple of the unknown queen of the first pharaoh of the Sixth Dynasty – King Teti. The reign was carried out 4300 years ago.

In the course of some research it was established that the queen’s name was Neith. Previously, everyone believed that Aunt had only two wives – Iput I and Hewitt II. The pyramid with the burial was opened back in 2010, but only recently it was possible to find a burial temple. The inscriptions on it testify to the existence of Queen Neith, said archaeologist Zahi Hawass, ex-minister of antiquities.

The queen will soon go down in the history of Ancient Egypt. Her temple is located opposite the pyramid, there are also the remains of the other wives of Pharaoh Teti. Now only 30% of antiquities have been discovered, you need to get out of the ground and study another 70% of the ancient Egyptian elements of culture. There are 122 pyramids in Egypt, of which 13 are in Saqqara.


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