In Egypt, archaeologists discovered a strange grave

(ORDO NEWS) — A strange and incomprehensible find was made by archaeologists in Egypt. Near Cairo, they discovered a burial ground in which the body of a child and the remains of 142 dogs rested.

Most of the animals turned out to be puppies. Why there was a person in this burial is unclear.

Among the huge number of animal remains, scientists identified the skeletons of 142 dogs.

It turned out that almost 90% were puppies at the time of death. The skeleton of an 8-year-old boy was also found in this burial.

The burial dates back to the 1st century BC. Historians said that then there was a huge flood, many people, cattle and domestic animals died.

For what reason the skeleton of a child was found in a pit with dogs – experts have not found an explanation for this.

It is known that in the first century BC and the first century AD, Egypt was under the total control of the Romans.

Archaeologists conducted research and found that all animals died once. Death came instantly, without agony, no signs of violent death were detected.

Blue clay was found on the bodies of animals. Then it was found only in reservoirs. Therefore, the researchers came to the conclusion that the dogs drowned.

What is surprising from a research point of view is the fact that the Egyptians then worshiped various animals, but the dog was not sacred.

For the Egyptians, they were pets, guards, and shepherds. In principle, they performed the same functions as now. It was associated with the dog-headed gods Anubis and Upuat.

They accompanied the souls of the dead and were connected to the afterlife. Therefore, it was simply feared to raise dogs to the rank of sacred animals.

Most likely, the boy was taking care of these dogs, and that is why he died with them during the flood, without having time to escape.

A similar case is known in Hierakonpolis. Then they found the remains of a child with the remains of 12 dogs.


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