In Death Valley 54.4 ° C: This heat on the planet has not been for over 100 years

Perhaps this is the record of all time.

(ORDO NEWS) — The temperature of 54.4 ° C (129.9 ° F) was fixed in Death Valley, California, which some experts say may be the highest ever recorded on the planet.

The temperature was recorded by the automatic meteorological station of the US National Weather Service (NWS) in the area of ​​Oven Creek near the border with the state of Nevada at 15:41 local time on Sunday, July 16.

If confirmed, this will be the highest temperature officially recorded on the planet since July 1913. The current record is also held by Death Valley, where 107 years ago for three days the temperature rose above 54.5 ° C, and on July 10 was 56.67 ° C.

However, some experts, including Christopher Burt of the private US meteorological service, question the legitimacy of the 1913 values, as the accuracy of the 100-year-old instruments is questionable. Bert initiated an investigation into the previous record, when 58 ° C was allegedly recorded in Libya in September 1922.

A committee of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in 2013 concluded that the readings in Libya were likely incorrect, due to human error, the type of thermometer used, and inconsistencies with other temperatures in the region, all of which contributed to the removal of this value from the record table. …

Professor James Renwick, a climate scientist at the University of Wellington Victoria, will be involved in testing temperature readings in Death Valley. He explained that in these cases, additional checks of the devices are needed, which must work correctly and accurately.


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