In Colombia, captured on video, hovering in the sky of a white dove

(ORDO NEWS) — The second time in a year has appeared on the Web when eyewitnesses take pictures of a bird frozen in the sky. As if at the behest of a magic wand, all physical laws are violated.

Recently, a very strange phenomenon was recorded on camera by a resident of Colombia. The man immediately posted the material on his Twitter page. So, the dove calmly flew in the sky, but suddenly, as if someone had paused it.

The incident took place in the city of Tulua. There are no wires around the bird that could hold it. But you can clearly see how people talk on the ground, while the pigeon hovers. According to the author, people felt sorry for the bird and thought how they could help it.

Since the materials do not show a single object for which the bird could catch on, netizens began to write their guesses about what happened. Many of them, of course, were on the verge of fantasy.

A similar thing has already happened in January of this year, only in New Mexico: there they were able to fix a crow. Surely somewhere else, people saw anomalies that defy explanation, only they, for various reasons, did not gain widespread publicity. We can only guess what happened to the bird: we will hardly ever find out the truth.


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