In Colombia, a tree is found that is very similar to Jesus Christ

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Residents of a small village located in Colombia discovered a tree that is very similar to Jesus Christ crucified on the cross.

The tree was found by the inhabitants of the village of Manage just a couple of days after the nationwide blockade was declared. It was introduced so that the coronavirus did not spread so quickly.

People should have stayed at home, but interest prevailed and many went to look at both a strange and eerie tree. Journalist Rodolfo Zambrano said that people walked to a tree with candles and soon the area around it turned into a place of pilgrimage.

They come there to see the figure of Jesus. People are no longer afraid of the coronavirus and regularly pray next to the tree.

Local authorities began to worry about what was happening, because people gathering in crowds violated all quarantine conditions. Police were called to the area to send everyone home. People were sent, and a post was put up at the tree itself.

Literally the day after sunrise, the figure of Jesus disappeared and no longer appeared even at night. What was it really? A divine sign or a sign from above that was even seen by police and authorities?


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