In China, rats began to infect humans with hepatitis

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Bats are not the only animals that can infect humans with a dangerous virus. In China, doctors began to panic due to the fact that the local population is infected with hepatitis E from rats. This virus is very dangerous, it is difficult to diagnose and it can cause irreparable harm to human health.

On April 30, information was received about a rare infection. A Hong Kong resident was hospitalized due to pain in the liver. After the specialists made the necessary tests, it was possible to establish that the man was sick with rat hepatitis E. If the man turned to specialists on a different issue, the disease could go unnoticed as a result.

To date, there are already ten infected in Hong Kong. So far, experts cannot understand how the infection penetrates the human body. But all this does not happen by accident, because the first case was immediately followed by another. Experts suggested that the virus could mutate and is now easily transmitted to humans.

Hepatitis E is especially dangerous for pregnant women and those people who have fairly weak immunity or who suffer from all kinds of serious diseases.


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