In Chile, fishermen caught a giant oarfish

(ORDO NEWS) — In Chile, fishermen caught a giant oarfish. Its length was almost five meters. This was a real shock for the locals, because in the region where a huge fish was caught, there is a certain sign regarding this, warning of a natural disaster.

Fish of incredible size was caught near the city of Arica, which is located in the administrative region of Arica y Parinacota. Local residents immediately gathered near the shore to look at such an interesting catch.

Herring kings, as a rule, live at a fairly large depth and can rise to the surface of the water only when the breeding process is in progress.

They also float up from the bottom when they are sick or will soon die due to being too old. You need to pay attention to an interesting fact.

In connection with such a strange behavior of the fish, a not entirely pleasant belief appeared among the locals. When the herring king appears on the surface of the water, a strong earthquake or tsunami can soon be expected.

Those who believe in this sign said that in 2011, some time before the terrible earthquake and the tsunami that followed it happened in Japan, several dozen herring kings were thrown onto the seashore at the same time.

At the same time, experts argue that any connection between natural disasters and how the herring kings behave has never been recorded.


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