In Chile, an unknown creature bleeds 50 alpacas and llamas in one night

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(ORDO NEWS) — In just one night, 50 alpacas and llamas perished in a Chilean farmer. The man found them in the morning and was horrified, because they were completely drained of blood. The farmer suggested that only the Chupacabra could have killed them.

In late autumn 2020, journalists from the small town of Center Chitani learned that an unknown predator had appeared near the border with Bolivia, killing domestic animals.

Most of all he liked alpacas and llamas. He first kills them, and then, after a couple of minor punctures, he sucks out completely all the blood. The last such attack by a predator has become massive.

Haun Choque proves that the blood was definitely sucked, because he did not find it near the animals. Today, many locals are confident in the existence of the Chupacabra and describe it as a zombie that sucks blood in order to maintain its life.

At the very beginning, the monster could kill only 1-2 animals at a time, but gradually the number of victims began to increase. Or the chupacabras have become much larger.

Experts examined the corpses of the animals and said that they found only two small punctures in the chest area and no more injuries. At the same time, no extraneous traces were found in the pen either.


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