In Canada, an unknown disease affects young people

(ORDO NEWS) — In the eastern part of Canada, several dozen young people fell ill with some unknown disease. It became the reason that the mental abilities of the patients were noticeably reduced, and there were also quite severe disorders in the work of the locomotor system.

Experts recorded the very first cases of this unknown disease a couple of years ago in residents of the province of New Brunswick. According to official data, there were 48 patients in total, 8 of whom died as a result.

At the same time, sources increasingly provide information that pathology continues to be diagnosed in many young people. It is worth noting that before that, none of them had absolutely any health problems.

The main symptoms of the disease are considered too rapid weight loss. People experience prolonged insomnia, hallucinations, muscle atrophy, and impaired thinking. In fact, today the number of cases can reach at least 150 people.

One of the patients, who was diagnosed with a mysterious disease, said that at first she had quite severe pain in the leg area. At first she did not pay any attention to this symptom, but very quickly her condition began to worsen.

Soon enough serious memory problems appeared, the girl began to suffer from muscle spasms, then, for some unknown reason, her weight began to drop rapidly.

Due to the fact that the vestibular apparatus began to work worse, the patient often began to bump into foreign objects, doorways. She had problems with orientation in her own home, and she also forgot how to spell some of the letters.

Most of all concerns among specialists are caused by the fact that at least nine cases were recorded when symptoms in people began to appear after contact with previously confirmed patients. Moreover, they have absolutely no blood connection with each other.

Some doctors and relatives of patients believe that such a pathology could arise due to rather serious problems with the environment. The authorities, in turn, believe that these are diseases already known to science, which simply could not be diagnosed.


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