In California, a shaman started a wildfire due to bear urine

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(ORDO NEWS) — Alexandra Suverneva, who turned 30, was charged with deliberately starting a wildfire in California. As a result, a fairly large village that was nearby was damaged. Two thousand people were evacuated from it.

Reported by NYPost.

Because of this incident, a woman can be imprisoned for nine years. On September 22, Alexandra went on a hike and wanted to get to Canada. On the way, she really wanted to drink, and when she saw a puddle of supposedly bear urine, she tried to warm it up in order to quench her thirst in this way.

After some time, the shaman stopped trying to make a fire, because it was too damp in the forest and nothing worked for her, and then the rescuers received a signal that a fire had started. When the accused’s personal belongings were examined, they found a lighter, a can of compressed carbon dioxide, as well as some strange herb used by the shaman.

It is worth noting that on social networks, Alexandra Suvereneva indicated that she was a shaman. The woman even went through special training at the State University of New York for forestry.

At the moment, an investigation is underway regarding the involvement of the shaman in other forest fires, which have recently been recorded in California. At the same time, her lawyer claims that the client has “mental disorders”, so she should not be tried.


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