In California, a “crazy” woodpecker stuffed the walls of a house with acorns

(ORDO NEWS) — A California pest control company reported one of the most unusual cases in its practice – a woodpecker filled the walls of the house with more than 300 kg of acorns.

Specialist Nick Castro of California pest control company Nick’s Extreme Pest Control thought he’d seen it all in over 20 years in the business, but even he was shocked by one of his latest findings.

Last month, a family in California commissioned Castro to fix the “work” of a persistent woodpecker that kept chiseling holes in their home’s exterior walls and filling them with acorns.

The woodpecker did not take into account the empty space between the layers of walls, so the acorns that he continued to bring did not stay in place.

Instead, they fell to the bottom of the walls and eventually began to emerge from various openings inside.

First, a pest control expert checked the exterior of the house and confirmed that it was the work of a woodpecker.

The walls of the house were “completely demolished”, dozens of holes were made in them. Castro and his team actually saw the bird stuffing acorns into these holes.

In California a crazy woodpecker stuffed the walls of a house with acorns 2

As soon as the pest control specialists began to cut holes in the interior walls of the house, mountains of acorns rained down from there, and the more holes they cut, the more acorns they found.

In the end, they filled eight large garbage bags – about 300 kilograms of acorns.

“They just kept coming and coming, non-stop,” Nick Castro told The Dodo.

“Acorns were thought to be only about a quarter of the way up the wall.

It turned out that they were stacked high in the attic of the house.

“This bird was crazy, we actually saw it there as it put more into the holes it created,” the pest control expert wrote on Facebook.

Nick and his team have just patched up the holes the woodpecker made in the walls, and after the owners of the house add new vinyl siding to it, he will probably just be looking for a new place to gather food for the winter.

“Unreal, I’ve never experienced anything like this before,” summed up Nick Castro.


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