In Brazil, fishermen were almost sucked into a strange funnel

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(ORDO NEWS) — This case occurred in March 2021 in Brazil. Two fishermen were on a boat near the city of Franchi, when suddenly a funnel formed under them, drawing water down.

The funnel got bigger and bigger, and the fishermen’s boat began to sink down, being pulled towards the center of the funnel.

The fishermen were in a panic and tried to keep the boat on the surface, but they did not succeed. The scene was captured on video and the video later went viral on social media.

In Brazil fishermen were almost sucked into a strange funnel 2

According to experts, this phenomenon is called a whirlpool and is usually formed due to the difference in water temperature and direction of flow.

In the case of the fishermen, this may have been due to the meeting of the currents of the river with the coastal wind.

Judging by the video, the fishermen were able to survive and escape. However, this incident is a reminder of how important it is to be careful and watch the weather when you are on the water.

Sinks in the water can be dangerous to people, especially those who cannot swim or are in areas with strong currents.

Funnels in the water are a circular movement of water that can pull a person down and under the water strongly. If a person is in the water next to a funnel, they should avoid it and try to swim to the side.


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