In Australian parks, plants will begin to fertilize the urine of visitors

(ORDO NEWS) — In Australia, scientists have proposed using human urine from public toilets as fertilizer for plants in urban parks. An unusual technology for the use of waste products will be launched as part of a state improvement initiative, The Daily Mail reported.

It is noted that the development will be tested in Sydney and Brisbane. In public parks, special dry closets will be installed, in which there will be urine filters. The devices will clean waste from heavy metals, leaving potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen important for plant growth.

Engineers note that the created system does not need human control and will save on the purchase of fertilizers.

The first biotoilets of the new design will appear in Australia by the end of 2022. Before that, scientists will need to make sure that the technology is safe for the environment and the population.

Earlier media reported that in the UK, the zoo began to use energy from animal dung. Marwell Zoo in Hampshire was the first zoo in the world to use this method of recycling animal waste.


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