In Australia, an unknown virus kills birds

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Because of the paralysis syndrome in Australia, a huge number of lorikeets died. Scientists say that the disease spreads between individuals after they gather in large flocks.

Birds quickly paralyze and they begin to choke. Specialists asked people not to feed the birds, otherwise the virus will spread several times faster.

Because of the paralysis syndrome, birds cannot move and fall directly onto the sidewalks, where they die due to suffocation, predators, ants and other things. Darryl Jones said that due to the virus, a huge number of birds have already died in a season. He added that to some extent the disease resembles a coronavirus. It has exactly the same mode of distribution.

At the same time, the virus spreads very slowly through the body of an infected bird, infects the lungs, which leads to suffocation.

Scientists do not have enough information about the new virus. However, some experts note that the cause of death of birds can also be mutations of alien plants, which begin to change in other climatic conditions. Professor Jones added that one of the reasons could be an African tulip tree.


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