In Australia, a teenager captures a “creepy face” in the clouds

(ORDO NEWS) — A rather talented teenager from Australia surprised many with his incredible photo. Jarvis Smallman, who lives in Hopetown, was able to capture a “creepy face” among the clouds.

The photo turned out to be simply amazing. A clear yet bright rainbow that protrudes directly from the clouds makes the image even more colorful. Reported by the Daily Mail Australia.

The guy, who is currently in grade 9, said that the photo was taken shortly before sunset. He also added that he was very pleased with the result. Jarvis has been photographing for only a year.

The teenager talks about the fact that he is shooting not only on land, but also in the ocean. It all started after he was presented with a special waterproof camera. After that, he very rarely breaks up with her.

After Jarvis took a photo of the “scary face” from the clouds, he immediately added it to his page on the social network Instagram. The snapshot quickly spread to other social networks, and also collected a huge number of comments from users who were delighted with what they saw.

The aspiring photographer really has a talent for this business, because earlier this year, Jarvis managed to take second place in a special competition among young Australian photographers. The event was previously organized by Australian Photography Magazine.


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