In Australia, a strange creature with perfectly white teeth washed ashore

(ORDO NEWS) — An Australian woman living in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland encountered a mysterious creature washed ashore. Most of all, it impressed with its incredibly white teeth.

The photos were posted on the social network Facebook. Many began to wonder what kind of fish they managed to photograph. According to some assumptions, it could be a flathead. These inhabitants of the sea are often seen in the east of the country. Some insisted that the stargazer fish washed ashore. These creatures are found along the southern coast and as far as the western regions of Australia. There have been cases that these fish have bitten divers.

Users got the impression that someone made dentures for the fish. One user joked that the fish teeth were whiter than hers.

Kulum Brown of Macquarie University closed the issue once and for all. So, on the shore there really was a stargazer fish, moreover, a New Zealand species, which sometimes swims to the east coast of the country.


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