In Argentina, record heat: the temperature reached +45 degrees

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(ORDO NEWS) —  Meteorologists recorded an incredibly high air temperature in Argentina, which reached +45 degrees Celsius.

This became the reason that the country was called the hottest in the whole earth. Locals have faced numerous power outages and are using every possible means to escape the incredible heat.

Today there is information that several hundred thousand people were left completely without power supply. This happened after a serious power failure occurred in the capital of the country, Buenos Aires. Jose Casable talked about the lack of electricity in their house, so it turned into a real oven. That is why he was forced to send the children to their grandmother so that they could cool off in the pool.

The dry and very hot weather in Argentina has already affected the harvest. It is worth noting that the temperature in the country is much higher than in Australia. Local residents note that the temperature is already indicated on the thermometer right from the very morning, almost +31 degrees. Due to the lack of electricity in some of the regions of Argentina, it is not possible to use air conditioners in order to escape even a little from the unbearable heat and stuffiness.

The authorities urge local residents not to leave the house unnecessarily and not be in the sun, as well as wear the lightest clothes possible and drink as much water as possible. Meteorologist Lucas Berengua notes that new temperature records may soon be set in the country.

It should be noted that in recent years, numerous forest fires have occurred quite often on the territory of Argentina directly in the delta of the main river. In addition, the water level in the main river has dropped to a minimum that has not been recorded for over 80 years.


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